Our Products

What makes our products special and different?

 We use the best ingredients we can sourcing them locally whenever we can. 

  • We use recyclable materials both in our product packaging and also in our postal packaging.

  • We clearly label our products so you know what you are buying and feeding your pets.

  • We are always here to help and advise about any of our products, one of our owners is a qualified nutritionist and can answer any questions you may have. 

 Why should people buy from us

 Small business in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, using local suppliers wherever possible 

  • Striving to reduce our environmental impact both in our products and packaging.

  • Quality products with open and honest ingredients.
  • Available to answer whatever questions you may have.

Example Ingredients

 An example of our ingredients list for a Poultry pet treat

80% Freshly prepared poultry (Chicken 33%, Duck 29%, Turkey 18%), Potato, Chicken Gravy.  Additives, Nasties, Preservatives, Chemicals.  NONE!

Example ingredients of a very widely available and well known dog treat for sale on the High Street and in supermarkets.

Meat and Animal Derivatives (44% Meat, including 22% Beef, 22% Fresh Meat),Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,Minerals,Cereals,Various Sugars,Oils and Fats,Antioxidants

 We welcome your questions and feedback via our contact page or our Facebook page.